Herb Garden Layout (A Corridor Pathway)

Here's another idea I had for my herb garden. I've been planning my vegetable garden with a shrub/perennial ring around it. This herb corridor would lead up to a small entry gate going into the garden area. The beginning of the corridor would start close to our future patio (a project for later this year). The herb garden would have the same plants as my earlier plan but the numbers on this plan have changed. I added four butterfly bushes to bring some flower color and pollinators to the herb garden.

The advantage to having it in a corridor/pathway is mostly convenience. It's closer to the house and easier to reach the plants than my other plan would have been. The disadvantage is probably that it won't have the formal look. That's OK since it's more practical and I like things a little less formal anyway!

Here is the key for the herb garden:
  1. Stepping Stones: the stones will be recessed into the turf and planted with a low growing stepable ground cover like thyme.
  2. Butterfly Bushes: I have several cuttings of butterfly bush that I started in the fall.
  3. Rosemary: I have four cuttings that are rooted and need to get two more.
  4. Purple Leaf Basil
  5. Miscellaneous Herbs: Italian parsley, chives, mint (in pots!), Thyme, and cilantro
  6. Italian Basil
I'm not sure if I'll go this route or the first one I designed. I may even do another design still. It all depends on the final placement of the vegetable garden.

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