Herb Seeds for 2008 (A Growing Challenge Post)

The herb garden will be a new experience for me. In the past I have used pots for the herbs, this year I'll see what I can do with the in-ground Herb Garden I have planned (Herb Garden Layout). Most of the plants will be from seed but not all! Here is what we decided on for the herb garden:

This is one of our staple herbs that we use very often. We picked several kinds including Dark Opal Purple (the name says it all, it's purple!), Sweet Basil, and Bush Spicy Globe. I'm curious about the last one as it is supposed to grow into a nice little ball shape. It should make an interestingly shaped plant for the herb garden.


The package calls it common thyme, but common or not everyone always could use a little more thyme.


We love cilantro in guacamole and Mexican flavored dishes. It should go well with the peppers I have planned for the vegetable garden! One interesting note: the seeds are the spice called coriander.

I'll have to plant some potatoes in the garden to go with the chives. Chives go well with many things like chicken, burgers, and even eggs.

This one is called Mediterranean oregano. The oregano should see a good deal of use.


I haven't tried parsley but I thought we would give it a try.


We bought a packet of broad leaf sage seed to add to the mix.

We have two types to try. One is the traditional Lavender augustifolia and the other is called Lavender Lady. Lavender Lady is said to flower in the first year. The plants are smaller than typical lavender at about 8-10 inches.


The rosemary we have will come from cuttings off of a
giant plant my mother has and one that I was given at Christmas time. It's amazing how easy rosemary is to root! You can layer it or just cut it off and let it root in water.

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