My Vegetable Garden Layout Part 2 (Raised Beds)

It may seem like I'm jumping ahead a bit but here is a picture of our first raised bed. I'll be putting together a step by step post on it later. There is still one more bed to build and both of them need to be prepared for planting. As you can see the small bed is actually a little higher than the other two. This allows for some slightly deeper roots and because I thought it looked good! I didn't use any corner posts even though that would have made it more sturdy. This was simpler. If I need to I'll reinforce the joints later with some 1"x8" wood. The best wood to use is either cedar or redwood but those can be expensive. I used pine. Why? It's cheaper. I don't think it will last more than a couple years and by then my plans may have changed for these beds. I didn't use pressure treated lumber as I don't trust the chemical process well enough to chance putting strange chemicals into our veggies. I still need to get the bed into it's final position but that will have to wait until the second bed is made.

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