My Vegetable Garden Layout (Raised Beds)

Here is a small diagram of my intended raised bed vegetable garden layout. It will have 4 larger beds. Two of them will be 6 feet long and the other two will be 8 feet long. Each of these will connect to each other through the middle bed that is 4' x 4' square. Having several beds should allow me to rotate the vegetables from year to year. A center 4'x4' bed will be for starting perennials. The dimensions are subject to change but I'll try to stick close to the plan. Each bed will be made of 2"x8" or 2"x10" lumber and fastened together with deck screws. The walkway in the middle will be at least three feet in width to allow for easy walking and wheelbarrow access. Extra beds could be added later.

Yesterday I put together one 4'x4' raised bed with one 6' raised bed. Hopefully I'll get another chance to work on it soon, my cordless drill kept running out of power. It's a good drill usually but the battery pack has seen better days!

Edit: For 2009 I decided to redesign the vegetable garden. Here's the new vegetable garden layout.

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