Rain Garden Update

The other day the rain garden completed a mini-test. It really was more of a pop quiz. It wasn't multiple choice or fill in the blank. It was true or false, did it work or not? There was only about 0.34 inches of rain but it easily handled that amount. Here's what the drainage looked like before the rain garden was installed:

Notice the standing water on the edge of the pavement.

Here's what it looked like after the pop quiz.

As you can see I've put some of the decorative gravel down. I decided to spread out the cost of the stone over several visits to the store so what you see is only the first three bags. If you look at the pavement you can see very little standing water and some water streaks from where the water went through the dirt that was on the driveway. No puddle! I give this little quiz an A at the moment but a bigger test is still needed to see if it does the trick.

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