The Rain Garden is Almost Done

The rain garden is very close to being finished. We worked most of the day and managed to get the soil put in to make the planting bed. All that is left to do is to select plants and cover with mulch!

Here's a look at today's progress:

Here is where I ended the other evening. A big hole with a trench. The picture is a little dark but you can still make out the trench for the water leading to the rain garden area itself.

The next step was to make the hole larger and create a trench parallel to the driveway to serve as a water collecting trench. Then we laid a piece of perforated drain pipe in the parallel trench. Before we laid the pipe we put gravel down in the trench. The gravel helps to improve the drainage and allows for better water flow.

Here is the expanded rain garden area. It could be a little larger but this basin should hold the amount of water we need to manage our drainage problem.

Here is one of my assistants hard at work! I hope that's not a violation of any labor laws...

On the left is a view of the "T" connector pipe that we used to connect the two pipes together.

On the right is my assistant doing some pretty important things. I'm not quite sure what those things were, but she knew and I guess that's all that matters!

Here is another view of the "T" connector pipe. These parts are very easy to assemble. You just snap them together and the grooves lock them in place.

On the right and below you can see the rain garden and drain pipe trenches filled with gravel.

Here is the nearly complete rain garden. The bed itself is raised slightly higher than the surrounding ground to help define the planting area. In the foreground you can see the gravel area that will eventually be covered with decorative gravel.

On the right is another view of the planting bed.

We managed to fulfill my goal of filling the bed with soil. We still need to put in the decorative gravel, plant the bed, put grass seed in the trench, and mulch. The hardest part is done! I expect the rain will settle the soil some and we may need to add more dirt to the bed.

A big thank you needs to be said for my dad, who helped shovel a bunch of dirt, a bunch of gravel and drove the truck to the yard! So Thanks Dad!

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