On Today's Agenda: Working on the Rain Garden

Here's just a quick list of what needs done with the rain garden in chronological order.

1) Finish excavation: I need to expand the "Big Dig" to its final size. I'm not 100% sure how much bigger I'll make it but I want to shape into more of a curve. I also need to finish excavating the channel parallel to the driveway.

2) Go get the gravel: We need to run to Beasley's (our local stone, mulch, and dirt dealer) to pick up a truckload of limestone gravel.

3) Lay a 2" layer of gravel in the channels and in the rain garden area: For drainage.

4) Lay the perforated piping: We will put the piping into a "T" shape. One piece will go in the parallel channel and will connect with a "T piece." Then the "T" piece will connect with the channel that goes to the rain garden.

5) Put down more gravel: Cover the pipe with enough gravel for good drainage.

6) Cover with landscape fabric: this will prevent the gravel from filling with dirt over time.

7) Go get fill dirt from Beasley's: To fill up the rain garden area and the trench to the rain garden.

8) Fill up the remaining areas with soil.

9) Get decorative gravel for the trench parallel to the driveway.

10) Mulch the rain garden area.

11) Rest and observe our work.

I don't know how much of this will get done in one day. My goal is to get at least to number 8 but that may be optimistic. Fortunately I have a good start on it already and I'll have help today from my dad.

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