Seeing the 'Moon and Stars', Watermelon That Is!

This year I'm really excited about our watermelons. I picked out the 'Moon and Stars' variety which not only is reported to be an excellent tasting variety but looks really neat too. 'Moon and Stars' are an heirloom variety that acquire a mottled coloring on the rind surfaces that resemble the night time sky! The nighttime sky also appears on its foliage which is great because I forgot where I planted my cantaloupe and watermelons. Once the foliage appeared on my watermelons I knew the answer. 'Moon and Stars' watermelon are somewhere in the neighborhood of 25-30 pounds.

Watermelons need full sun and plenty of water to produce well. I planted these seeds directly in the ground in mounds rather than in our raised beds. Watermelons tend to stretch out a bit so I wanted to give it room to roam. Our watermelon crop last year was a sad little crop and I'm aiming much larger this year. Very soon I'll get my irrigation setup in the garden and be ready to go, or grow as the case may be!

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