The End of the Arbor Project

This week marks the last week of voting on the Better Homes & Gardens and The Home Depot 48 Hour Challenge. It's been a fun project from beginning to end and while it officially may end, the arbor has brought all kinds of new ideas for that area of our yard. I thought with this last post for the Challenge I would take a step back so you can see how it all fits together with the house. To the left of the picture is the arbor.  You can see the individual gardens much better if you enlarge the photo but the salvias and daylilies are the primary elements in bloom. A Yoshino Cherry tree is planted in front of the garage which will eventually add more summer shade to the front yard.

 Here are the same daylilies and salvias a little closer to the arbor. Purple and gold seems to be a good combination but please ignore the wild onion, you just can't get them all!
We'll back away one more time and take a sideways glance at the arbor from the driveway. Rosemary shrubs flank the entry to the sidewalk in front of the stairs. The irises faded long ago and the Russian sage hasn't bloomed yet but soon another element of color will appear to brighten the front sidewalk garden (seen here in September).

The challenge has been a great experience.  It was very special to have our project posted on, unfortunately we just couldn't muster enough votes to stay in the game. I'd like to thank all those involved in this challenge, both the challengers and the folks at And a special thanks to all the readers of this blog for following along on this project and for each and every vote you sent my way!  So what's the next big project? Most likely the vegetable garden fence. I'd still like to build a shed although that will be on the back burner for a while. We'll see what the future brings. I never seem to be able to stop myself from doing projects in the garden so stay tuned!

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