On the Garden Fence...

I've mentioned that with my newly redesigned garden layout that I would like to put a fence around it. Partly to keep the rabbits and groundhogs out but also to add an air of formality around the garden. I have two ideas in mind that I'd like to gather some opinions about. In the drawing below I have a standard picket fence on the left side and a capped picket fence on the right.  The pickets on the right would be framed in by the rail cap and wood on the bottom. 

The posts on the corners will hold hanging baskets or some other fun item like hummingbird feeders and will be capped with a solar light post cap. These little gadgets are pretty neat. They fit on to a standard post and absorb energy through the day and release it at night as light.  I just thought it would be cool to see the outline of the garden in the darkness. Alternately I could hang solar lanterns from the hangers on the posts.  The front and the back of the garden would be the same.  The sides would not have the arbor but would have tall posts in the middle that would carry the same theme around the garden.

The rabbits might still be able to squeeze through the fence openings (at least the bunnies might) so I'll retain the wire mesh fencing I have around the garden right now to use on the inside of the new fence.

The fence will most likely be the big summer project as long as financing is available! Otherwise it may have to wait.  Either way it's good to have a plan ready to go. What do you think? Side A with the traditional picket fence or side B with the capped fence rail. (You can click on the picture to open it up in a larger window.)

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