Finicky Frosty Weather (Protect Your Plants!)

The weather in Tennessee is extremely volatile this time of year.  One day it could be in the 70's (as it was today) and then the next day it could be a 40 degree high (as it is predicted for tomorrow!) This makes it a challenge to garden in the spring time.  There are a few things you can do to protect your plants, but keep in mind not all your plants need protection.  Many of our native Tennessee plants are adapted to these spring time temperature fluctuations and will get by fine with minor freezes. 

What kind of plants need protection?
Four ways to protect your plants from frost:
Don't forget that mulch will help keep the root systems safe so even if your plant doesn't come out unscathed, having a healthy root system will speed it along to a quick recovery. Make sure that you remove any covering during the daytime to prevent a cooked plant.  Also plants do like that light thing so it's best to let them have it!