A Japanese Maple for Father's Day

This post is a little late in coming, especially since I actually received my Father's Day present from my wife and children a couple weeks early. They gave me a Japanese Maple (Acer palmatum). I always like unique plants in the garden and a Japanese maple adds some foliar interest with its delicately shaped and burgundy colored leaves. I have a great place to put it, right next to our backyard patio...oh wait I still need to build that! Well until then I'll pot it up in a larger pot with some soil to allow it to grow a healthy root system. Japanese maples actually make good potted plants since they are generally slow growing and tend to be smaller sized trees.

We used to have a Japanese maple in a pot but the frost last year destroyed it beyond recovery.

This week has been a busy one and we just back into town so I haven't gotten to all the posts I had planned for last week yet. I'll have my woodland shade garden post ready very soon. We finished it up last weekend when we were preparing for my brother-in-law's wedding.