Accomplishments from a Saturday in the Garden

Saturday was one of those days that you had to be outside.  Sunny and in the 70's the weather was nothing less than pure perfection. It was truely a spring weather day.  The kind of day that you take in from dawn until dusk without ever wanting to come back inside.  All days end but this one was a good one.

I managed to get a ton of work done on the garden remodel. 

The raised beds are aligned with the new garden layout and only a couple more need to be built. I finished up a 2'x4' bed and filled it with straw on the bottom, newspapers to cover the straw then some regular topsoil from the ground.  I'll add in compost a little later and mix it together with the topsoil.

The garden's grading was completed, at least for now.  The clumps of sod that I moved will need to settle a bit but the rains coming this week will help.  One of the reasons I decided to grade the area was to allow more water to stay in a flatter area.  The area that I removed the sod from will become the bush bean patch.  Beans are excellent for restoring nitrogen to the soil.  I'll lay down newspaper then cover with good soil and compost and rebuild the soil from scratch. On the other side of the garden we'll plant the corn which will receive the benefit of the decomposing grass in the clumps.  Corn likes nitrogen and I'll add blood meal to the area as well as compost to help increase the nitrogen while the corn is growing.  I'll also integrate some climbing green beans with the corn to help add nitrogen.  The beans will use the corn like a trellis, effectively killing two birds with one stone. Maybe not the best analogy, but you get the point!

We have several things already planted including garlic, onions, potatoes, sugar snap peas, spinach, and lettuce.  I need to add some radishes and more onions very soon.

The wire fencing around the garden is now complete with a front gate and a back gate.  Here in the picture you can see the main pathway down the garden.  It's about four feet wide to easily accommodate the wheelbarrow ore even the riding mower. There's even a nifty little spot from the previous garden layout that could be used for a perennial planting bed.  I'll integrate herbs into it as well.

I pruned up my Russian sage plants and treated them for propagation.  I stuck a few branches in the ground in the self seeding garden and watered them to see if they will grow. It's worth a shot!  One butterfly bush receieved its annual amputation on Thursday.  They grow with a vengeance!  I have one more to trim but I want to leave it as is for a couple more weeks since the birds love to hide and play among its branches.

The larkspur seedlings are in the self seeding garden now along with two other kinds of larkspur seed.  I'll keep my eyes peeled to watch for germination.

If you're comparing this list with the one I made the other day you will see that everything I listed was accomplished!  Which means, at least according to TC, I am Superman! Now if you'll excuse me, Metropolis needs me. ;)