Plants that Bloom in February

I'm amazed this year by the blooms I actually have in the garden. Maybe it was the warm snap, or maybe we'll be lucky enough to have some great blooms each and every February.

My feature plant today is one that comes every spring much to the chagrin of the lawn lover.  Tiny purple flowers bloom enmass across yards all over Tennessee making a virtual carpet of purple to gaze at.  What is the feature plant?  Henbit!  It's a cool season flower that most people consider a weed and will fade very quickly once the weather warms. For now it is very showy.  I like it best in the lawn and not among the garden plants as it can be very invasive.  I'll take it any day over chickweed!

How about this lovely flower? It's a Winter Jasmine (Jasminum nudiflorum) that I picked up at a plant swap last year. I didn't expect much from it and while it is still very small I see potential for this winter bloomer on our front porch.

The other day I showed you the first daffodil bloom of 2009 and here's one of its friends.  Several of the daffodils have begun opening up to show us that spring is coming. Really, it is!

Have a heath?  Try a Mediterranean White Heath that blooms in winter and lasts through late spring.  You gotta love those plants that bloom for a long time especially in the colder months.

That's about it right now in our garden.  It's more than we've had in the past at this time of year and I'm looking forward to adding more in the future.  For now though if you want more February Blooms take a look at Carol's Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day Post!

I'll try to update you on my seeds later today.

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