The First Daffodil Bloom of 2009

Who would have thought? A daffodil (Narcissus) blooming in mid-February! The little sprouts are coming up all over but this one and a couple others like it have decided they like the weather. It could be that they are in a slightly warmer micro-climate near concrete but mostly it's because of the extremely unseasonably warm weather we've been enjoying. It's been in the 60-70 Degree Fahrenheit range for the last several days tricking the daffodils into thinking it's spring.

The weather has been fooling me as well. All the nice temperatures have been perfect for gardening and playing in the yard. I know I will miss this warm snap in a few days and long for spring weather once again. I can't wait to start harvesting vegetables again in the garden or to smell the sweet scent of the earth as I dig new plants into the soil. Hopefully the daffodils will be treated gently by mother nature, and maybe, just maybe we will be too!

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