Designing the Winter Garden: What would you do?

OK, here's your chance!  Your weekend assignment is to come up with a garden/landscape plan that would fit a roughly 6' by 10' area that incorporates as many elements of the winter garden as you wish.  There are no rules or guidelines to follow, just do something that you think will look great and show it off!  Do your best to put it on paper and blog on by Monday December 8, 2008 and I'll add links to your blogs into this post.  Don't worry if your drawing skills aren't what you think they should be, a simple outline would be enough to show everyone what you have in mind.  If you don't have a blog tell us about your ideas or send a picture to and I'll add it to this post.  This should be fun so get out your pencils and paper, markers or even crayons (we have a zillion of them around the house) and start designing!

On a related winter gardening note: due to extremely cold weather conditions (at least in my mind) the planting of my garden will be put on hold until I have a day in the mid 40's or higher.  This weekend is out since we have plans but I should be able to get the final installment of my Winter Gardening Design series finished next week.

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