Designing the Winter Garden: An Asymmetrical Plan

Here is the second of the two hand drawn sketches of my winter garden layout. The first one was symmetrical. This layout uses mostly the same plants just puts them in different places. One addition to this plan is a miscanthus that I originally planted in the Japanese Maple garden. It was only placed there temporarily until a better spot came open.

In this plan I put the rosemary on the left with the red twig dogwoods down in front. The Bird's nest spruces are in the back and the cotoneasters are in front and in back of the Yoshino cherry. The Schip laurels aren't pictured in this layout either. Like I mentioned in yesterday's post this is just a sketch and I may or may not stick with it. Sometimes inspiration strikes when you're planting and the plan goes out the window! The big advantage in this plan is that it is more expandable than the symmetrical plan and I like expandable plans. It also will look much more natural.

I'm leaning toward a variation on this plan but tell me, what do you think?

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