A Tomato Crop and a Tomatoholic

Today I went tomato harvesting in our vegetable garden. We had quite a crop! They ranged from the little Sweet 100's to some very large 16 ounce tomatoes. This wasn't our first large harvest. We've had a steady diet of the red wonder fruits throughout this summer. We've eaten them sliced on turkey sandwiches with a generous helping of mayo, the traditional BLT (again with mayo), with pasta (nope no mayo here!), in salsa, and I've even made 6 cups of sauce with 2 cups of juice left over. The juice and the sauce are in the freezer awaiting a future use this winter. It looks like tomorrow I'll be making more sauce. Perhaps I'll make a marinara with some fresh basil and oregano or maybe some more salsa with some garden grown hot peppers. Who knows? Maybe both! What would you do with a crop of tomatoes like this?

Of course that tomato talk assumes that our resident tomatoholic doesn't eat them all first! Our little girl goes after the cherry tomatoes when we aren't looking, clever little girl! Of course we really don't mind her eating the tomatoes...they are pretty healthy.

Take a look at our Vegetable Garden Layout.

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