Among the many chores I mentioned in my last post was the toppling of several large trees. There were three trees in that were dead and needed removal. At some point recently one of the branches of the trees fell and speared the ground below to a depth of 6-8 inches. To keep the trees in such a state in a potentially populated area would be very dangerous. Before the wedding these bare behemoths would need to come down. These trees were probably around 50 feet tall and while that isn't gigantic it's still pretty big for the backyard gardener to take out. If you are considering removing trees you may want to hire a professional. I had a structural engineer do it who happened to be my father-in-law. He really wanted the trees cut done since it was a necessary step to make the backyard safe. Here are some pictures of the trees before they came tumbling down.

There's a wood pile in front of the trees from another one that was cut down last week.

The tree on the left had no growth on it at all where the one on the right only had a few branches at the top green and lots of dead limbs.

This tree has been dead for several years now and was beginning to drop branches. The only sad part of the dead trees coming down was the unfortunate eviction of the bird in the tree's cavity.

Hopefully he will find a new home to nest in.


Here is the current state of the backyard. Three trees fallen down that will need trimmed and shredded or hauled away.

My father-in-law did the cutting while I observed and assisted. Mostly I just yelled "IT'S COMING DOWN!!" loud enough so he could get out of the way. I'll be busy tomorrow cutting the limbs down to appropriate sizes to fit into a shredder which will turn the fallen trees into mulch. Some of the log sections will be used for other projects and firewood. I'll bring two sections home with me for a future project of my own. I'll tell you about that one later, any guesses?

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