...and the Bees

I was inspecting the Birdbath Garden the other day when a persistent buzzing sound became noticeable. I looked around a little closer and found this little bee happily buzzing among the stalks of the salvia. No wonder I like these plants! They are magnets for these happy little pollinators. This bee buzzed from stalk to stalk sampling all it had to offer, which looks to be considerable for such a tiny little creature. Unfortunately the population of these little bees is in jeopardy. A little understood condition called Colony Collapse Disorder seems to be affecting many of our nations honey bees. The colony flies away never to be seen again. Scientists think a variety of factors may be causing CCD.

According to the Natural Resource Defense Council the bees are getting sick due to pesticides, lack of an adequate food supply and a virus that is attacking their immune system.

Although more research is needed there are a few things you can do to help them out. Plant native plants that produce pollen that the bees will love.

Diversify your garden with different flower types and pay attention to shape, color, and flowering times. Bees like a variety of shapes and colors. Planting with sequential flowers makes sense for your garden anyway but it provides the side benefit of giving the bees a constant supply of food.

Avoid pesticides! The NRDC site recommends that if you absolutely have to spray to do it at night when you won't harm the bees during their resting period.

I don't think I'm allowed to do this last one in our garden but you could build a hive in your yard!

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