How Much Salvia Is Enough? (Garden Blogger's Bloom Day)

How much salvia is enough? I really don't know the answer but I can tell you that I haven't reached the salvia threshold yet. The easy answer is when I run out of room, but most likely enough will be reached well before that point. If you have salvia in your gardens you can probably identify with me. It is such a great plant that you just want more. We have Salvia nemorosa in almost every garden around our house right now with the notable exceptions of the rain garden, the corner shade garden and the front sidewalk garden next to the house. The rain garden is not completely without salvia as it contains Salvia splendens, but it has not been there long enough to flower. The purple salvias, along with the irises and 'Purple Homestead' verbena, are the only plants that are currently providing a bounty of color in our gardens. I suppose we need to add more spring flowering perennials for next year.

The purple color of the salvias is a good match for our purple irises. The irises are a lighter shade of purple, almost a lavender. We have three kinds of Salvia nemorosa in our garden 'May night', 'Caradonna', and 'East Friesland'. The 'May Night is up in our Mailbox Garden. The 'Caradonna' is in our Birdbath garden and the 'East Friesland' is in our Front Porch Garden. Boring garden names yes, but they are descriptive!

Here's a look at our salvia display!

'Caradonna' Salvia nemorosa

Next to some iris foliage.

A close up of the flower stalks.

Standing tall like soldiers in a row.

This salvia is standing in front of a skyrocketing coneflower and behind two budding coreopsis plants. I'm looking forward to seeing the flowers of the coreopsis since it is one I raised from seed last summer.

'May Night' Salvia

Salvia with an achillea standing behind it.

The fading flower stalks of our 'May Night' Salvia in front of the achillea.

Thanks for stopping by to visit the salvia! For a tour of some other gardens be sure to visit Carol at May Dreams Gardens for Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

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