Daylilies in Bloom

It's that time of year where the daylilies are becoming the showoffs of the garden. Daylilies (Hemerocallis) area very common collectable perennial here in the south. They propagate very easily through division and are a prime starter plant for people interested in learning how to hybridize plants. Here's a look at a little of what is blooming in our garden this summer:

Daylily Hybridization

The first two photos are results of my hybridization attempts. While they are pretty, they never developed into a must have daylily. Hybridizing is fairly simple, just take pollen from the stamen and dab it on the pistol. It's best done in the early morning before the pollen dries out too much.Make sure you mark the hybridized flower so that you can collect seeds from it later when the pods are ready.

Daylily Division

To divide a daylily just dig up the clump and rinse the roots off so you can see where the plant will easily divide. Then gently pull apart the tubers/roots and the top growth. The last step it to replant it and you're done!

Daylilies are extremely tough plants and require very little maintenance. They like full sun so plant them in a sunny spot for all to enjoy!

'Primal Scream'

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