Layering a Viburnum, The Results!

It's not a secret that I'm a fan of plant propagation. Who wouldn't be? You get free plants! One of the easiest ways to propagate a plant is through a technique called layering. With layering you essentially pin down a branch of a shrub or tree to the soil and encourage it to form roots. The roots usually appear at a node (the spot on the branch where leaves form). Recently I transplanted a rooted viburnum that I was able to turn into 5 additional plants just by pinning down a couple low hanging branches with rocks.

Often you will see people recommend making a small wound on the branch below the node where you then apply rooting hormone. I haven't found that to be necessary but it might speed up the rooting process. Here in this video you can see the results of my layered viburnums that I did a couple years ago. I completely forgot about the layering and never came back to transplant them until now! They blended in completely with the mother plant.

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