A Safe Solution to Wasps

While wasps certainly are a normal part of nature and serve an important function we don't always want to be around them.  Wasp stings can be quite painful and some people even have adverse reactions to their sting (as I can attest to, see the post on my swollen foot - not for the squeamish!)  Removing wasps from an area can be a challenge especially if you are like me and don't want to spray chemicals all over the place. Recently I was sent a product to test which does a very good job at capturing wasps without having to use any chemicals in the garden.  It's called the Trapstik by Rescue.

The Trapstik is very simple to use.  I just removed it from the box, took off the paper wrap that was on the sticky part of the trap, then hung it up.  I put it on my children's playset since that was the most important location where I didn't want wasps.  It didn't take long for it to work.

By the end of the first day we had captured several wasps and flies on the sticky yellow and green surface. The coloration attracts the wasps to it visually rather than chemically. Once they make contact they can't leave. It caught a number of flies as well as the wasps and only a couple bees. To minimize the risk to bees site the Trapstik in a place away from flowers or inside your garden. The Trapstik is a product best used in areas that people need to be clear of wasps like porches, patios, or children's playsets!

I've had the Trapstik hanging up for about 3 weeks and the sticky surface hasn't stopped working yet.  To use this product most effectively put it in places where wasps like to nest like under the eaves of houses or sheds.

If you have an area plagued by wasps I feel comfortable telling you that the Trapstik is safe, easy to use, and (most importantly) effective at capturing wasps!

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