Preparing for a Freeze or Frost

Middle Tennessee and much of the south is expected to receive a freeze tonight.  We all know how damaging a freeze could be and we have no to look no further back than 2007 to see the results.  That year many gardeners lost trees like Japanese maples and crape myrtles due to the flow of sap in the trunks freezing overnight which then split the bark.  Unfortunately we can't alter the weather on demand so we have to prepare our gardens for the cold temperatures.

Tips to Protect Plants from a Freeze or Frost:

You may not need to do all of these techniques to protect your plants but it is better to be safe than sorry. I always council people to plant tender plants after the last frost date and even wait 2 extra weeks just in case. That gives the soil time to warm up and gives a little bit of a safety cushion in case of another frost or freeze. What frost/freeze protection techniques do you use?