Edible Landscaping for Beginners

This week we began a series of posts on edible landscaping.  Below you will find several articles to get started on creating a productive and beautiful edible landcape.  There are many more articles to come in this series so please check back or bookmark this post for updates!

How to Begin a Plan

Create a "To Grow" list, identify a what you can grow and when you can grow it as a first step in creating a good edible landscape plan.

Read about how to begin an edible landscape plan!

Elements of a Sustainable Edible Landscape Plan

An edible landscape needs to be a sustainable system.  Learn what elements need to be present to have a sustainable edible landscape!

Read about the elements of a sustainable edible landscape plan.

More Elements of the Plan

Crop rotation, fertilization, and weed control are just three elements of several others in a sustainable edible landscape plan.  Once you have a good list of what you need in the plan, you can start to plan your plan!

Read about the more good elements of a sustainable edible landscape plan.

Evaluate Your Garden

Before you create a plan you need to know what you already have in the garden. Evaluate your garden to see what you need to add to your edible landscape.

Read more about how to evaluate your garden.

Your Edible Growing System

How do you want to grow your plants?  Do you want to use raised beds? Pots? Or some other creative system to grow your edible landscape?

Read more about edible growing systems.

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