A Frosty Friday

First let me apologize for not writing much lately.  Life has been busy and I haven't been able to get into the garden as much.  Things are winding down for the cold season fortunately and while there is still much to do in the garden it always seems more manageable when the weeds are no longer actively growing!  This morning I went out and took a few pictures of the hard frost we received last night.  The temperatures which held so nicely for so long have finally given way to more seasonal temperatures.  I love fall at about 70 degrees but it can't last forever!

Frosted 'Shasta' viburnum

'Sheffield Pink' mum under frost

The backyard and blue shed with a frosting.

 A Japanese maple in frost at sunrise.

Frost doesn't mean that gardening has to end for the season.  There's still the cool season crops which with a little aid in the form of hoop houses can continue to thrive this fall.  Of course you can always bring the herbs indoors to enjoy in your cooking and some vegetables can be grown indoors in a sunny location.  If you don't have a sunny spot you could buy a cheap shop light with fluorescent lighting to keep on gardening right on through winter.

How will you continue gardening this winter?

Paul from Bountiful Blessings Farm has a great program on gardening through the winter if you're interested. It's a video series that I'm positive you will learn from.  Please go check it out using this affiliate link (Born to Grow).  I've visited Bountiful Blessings Farm and seen what they do first hand.  I highly recommend them!

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