Troy-Bilt 4 Cycle Trimmer Review (TB675 EC)

This summer as part of the Saturday6 Bloggers with Troy-Bilt I tested a 4 Cycle Trimmer (TB675 EC).  I'll be completely honest and tell you that weed eating is not one of my favorite tasks in the garden.  It's necessary to keep things cleanly edged, keep weeds down, and even clean out brush areas.  Weed eaters are very useful tools. Troy-Bilt also sent me a cultivator attachment along with the weed eater to see how useful it would be in a garden setting.

My overall opinion of these two pieces of equipment is both are great tools that function and work exactly how they are designed to work. The trimmer is very easy to start up which can be tricky for many weed eaters.  The instructions for easy start-up are printed on the side of the trimmer and involved a certain number of pumps of the primer button at different stages of starting.

Troy-Bilt also makes a very cool tool for starting some of their equipment called JumpStart.  It makes starting the trimmer as simple as plugging in the battery charged Jump Start to the trimmer and hitting the button.  The Jump-Start works like a power drill with a whole lot of torque.  When you pull the trigger it spins and the engine starts.  They even make a bit that you can fit into your power drill to use as an option.

The TB675EC is a 4 cycle trimmer which means you don't have to do any kind of special oil mixing before hand.  There is a separate oil tank and gas tank that the trimmer mixes together as needed.  The user doesn't have to worry about it!  As far as gas goes I can't recommend enough that you only use a gas that is ethanol free.  Ethanol damages small engines like lawn mowers and trimmers and will shorten the life of the mower. If you can't find ethanol free gas near you use a fuel stabilizer to help prevent damage.

The string for the trimmer pops out very easily with a single gentle bump on the ground.  You always have to watch where you are when you do this as the line can emerge and cut stuff you don't want it to!  Try bumping the trimmer on a hard surface like a sidewalk or driveway and everything will be fine.  I've lost the line a couple times now inside the bump head. The string broke off too close to the holes and the line wouldn't come out.  The bump head was easy to open up and reload though, much better than any other bump head I've seen.  You simply load the string through the holes, balance it with equal lengths on each side, then wind it up.

Bump head

The cultivator attachment was very cool.  It was the perfect tool to clean up some raised beds in my mom's garden back in the spring. As a cultivator it isn't meant to do the job of a tiller.  It will take care of areas that need minor tilling or soil that has been worked before.  The cultivator could also be used to mix compost or soil and till in amendments to your garden beds.  If you have raised beds it's perfect.  If you're planning on tilling our a new 50' x 100' garden bed in hard clay soil...try getting a real tiller!  Troy-Bilt has some good ones!

If you want to see the trimmer/cultivator in action check out the video I put together below.

As part of my association with Troy-Bilt I get to do a really cool thing...I get to give one of these away!  If you want a chance to win this Troy-Bilt 4 Cyle trimmer for your garden post in the comments below.  Also if you share this post on Facebook or Twitter you will get one extra entry for each share up to a total of three entries (1 for the blog post comment, 1 for Facebook, and one for Twitter).  You must post a link to your share in the comments section of this post so that I can find your share.  The giveaway will end on Sunday July 28th at Midnight Central.  Don't forget to follow GrowingTheHomeGarden on Facebook too so you don't miss anything!

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