Garden Photo Updates from the Weekend

Here's a quick look at my garden from the weekend!

The 'Diablo' ninebark is in bloom.  It has beautiful purple-copper hued leaves and flowers with these clusters of white flowers each spring.

In the vegetable garden the lettuce is coming along - finally.  It's taken a while this year to get some good germination.  I think the weather fluctuations have influenced things significantly.

The strawberries are eaten more often outdoors than indoors...what a great snack to have available while weeding!

I have 13 pepper plants planted now ranging from spicy to sweet.  Yep I planted the Ghost pepper.  Will I eat it?  Um...highly doubtful!

I mentioned on Facebook the other evening that I treated some Bermuda grass with vinegar.  Here is the result after 24 hours.  Some damage is obvious but it will need repeat treatments.  I'll spray again tomorrow and measure the effect.  I'm using simple non-horticultural grade white vinegar with nothing mixed in.  Some people have had success with salt in the mix but I'm afraid of possible salt build up in the soil if that is done too much.

What gardening did you get done over the weekend?