A Vegetable Garden Update (Early May 2013)

This year is going to be a challenge.  I can tell already judging from the weather we're having.  A delayed start combined with high moisture and strange weather is creating a tricky situation for gardeners.  All this moisture may sound like a good thing but I'm very concerned about the potential for fungal diseases on our tomatoes and peppers.  Powdery mildew will also likely appear in significant proportions for ornamental plants.  We'll take each challenge as it arises and continue to grow through this gardening season.  Every year is different in the garden and its outcome is partially dependent on the weather but also on the fortitude and determination of the gardener.

Here's a quick look at what's going on in the vegetable garden.

The pak choi from fall is now going to seed.  I chose to let it flower and produce some seed to collect and save.  If you look closely you can see where it's forming little seed pods.

This bed has been renovated and is now mostly ready for planting.  The fence to the left will be replaced soon with a wooden lattice style fencing.  This is where our peppers will be planted but also where basil and other companion plants will be. I planted basil, chamomile, and a couple other plants from seed here before our rainy weekend came along.

I picked up some bamboo poles alongside the road the other day and put them into a tee-pee trellis to use for our beans.  I planted two seeds at the base of each pole. Bamboo is flexible and sturdy which makes it great for use in the garden. 

The potatoes are coming along nicely.  I need to cover them with more grass clippings from the lawn.  I mowed yesterday and forgot to collect some grass for the vegetable garden.

We're also getting some blueberries on the blueberry bushes.  I'm going to have to cover very soon with bird netting to prevent possible blueberry thefts by the wildlife.  The mockingbirds and cardinals are prime blueberry thieves around here and have been known to snatch strawberries as well...

The strawberry bed is growing prolifically like always.  It needs weeded but otherwise the strawberry plants look good with a bunch of blooms and berries.  I need to move the strawberry plants out of the vegetable garden to make more room for vegetables but that will have to wait until after they have produced for the year.

How is your garden coming along?