A Few Garden Photos from the Week

It's been a very busy week for me and I haven't had much time to write but I did want to post a few photos of what is growing in the garden. Today is a rainy soggy mess in the garden and not very well suited for gardening so looking back at the garden photos from the week is the perfect activity!

Ornamental Allium

 I'm a big fan of heucheras.  This beauty is 'Caramel'.

Not 'Caramel' but with a similar color.  

A couple more irises with burgundy falls and yellow standards.

A flat of pak choi seedlings.  The weather has been cool and wet this year which is giving me an opportunity to germinate a few things for sequential planting.

Our first peony flowers are in bloom.

The snowball viburnum is in full bloom.  Those branches get very heavy!

Irises at the shed.

Cilantro seedlings are coming along.

African daisies are great annuals for the garden!


Another heuchera I added to the garden.  'Fire Chief' has beautiful red tinted leaves.

Our 'Solar Fire' Iris is in bloom.  One of my favorites!

Pink phlox is in bloom too.

Of course we're also excited to see blueberries on the bushes.  

Those are a few photos from our week in the garden.  How's your garden growing?