5 Garden Things to Do This Weekend (Zone 6-7)

Our garden sits precariously between zone 6b and 7.  We're in a very borderline area with multiple micro-climates within the 1.3 acres of land we have around us.  We're far enough into the warm season now that the frosts should not happen again until fall, but then we thought we were done with frosts over a month ago! This weekend there is a whole lot to do in the garden to play catch-up.  Here's a little of what I'm looking at for my garden!

Plant more tomatoes!
If you haven't already done so go ahead and get those tomatoes in the ground.  I'm behind on this with only 5-6 plants so far but there is still plenty of time to get them growing and have a great harvest.  I always plant my tomatoes deeply leaving only the top few leaves above the soil.  The tomato grows roots along the stem which will be helpful in gaining more water during the dry summers.

Mulch for summer.
Mulch is one of the best ways to help your plants.  You provide organic matter that eventually breaks down and feeds the soil, it keeps water in the ground where the roots have it available, and later when the heat of summer is baking us it keeps the roots cooler.  If the roots get too hot the plants will slow their growth which will diminish your harvest.

Plant Summer Annuals
Any annuals you like to plant can be planted.  Sweet potato vines, marigolds, coleus, and many more annuals can liven up the garden.  You may not have considered this but these plants are usually very easy to propagate.  Consider buying a few less annuals than you normally would and try propagating a few more to save a few dollars.

Direct Sow Cucumbers, Melons, Watermelons, and more...
For many plants direct sowing them is the best way to start them.  Plant them in small mounds with about 3 seeds per mound.  Succession plant your squash every couple weeks to help dodge the vine borers and insure a steady harvest.  Be cautious about planting all those zucchini...you neighbors will eventually begin to dodge you!

Be out there in the garden maintaining it everyday if you can from here on out to fall.  A little bit of daily weeding will make it all easier in the long run.  Prune plants as needed.  Pinch the top growth of herbs like basil, oregano, mint, and others to encourage bushier growth rather than legging growth.  Water as needed for now but get an irrigation plan set up.  We're still having good amounts of rainfall but it could be scarce later in the summer when we really need it so a good watering plan with soaker hoses or drip irrigation is very useful!

What are your garden plans this weekend?