Spring Around the Garden

It is full fledged spring around our Middle Tennessee garden.  There is no shortage of work that needs to be done in the form of weeding and mulching on top of a myriad of miscellaneous projects.  For now though let's just take a few pictures of the garden and we'll think of that monster spring to-do list a little later.

This Japanese maple is called 'Beni Schichihenge'.  I have to confess that I have to look up how to spell that almost every time! I may have finally gotten it though...  The new foliage is rimmed in pink which eventually changes to a creamy white variegation.

My 'Walker's Low' catmint is always a standout performer.  It smells great and is easily manageable.  Once it starts to bloom it won't quit! (also it is very easy to propagate catmint!)

I haven't gotten an avocado from my potted avocado tree yet so for now I'll just have to enjoy this 'Guacamole' hosta.  No it's not for eating, unless you are a deer...

Other hostas are coming up.  These garden beds are a prime example of the weeding that needs done!  Can someone please add a few more hours to each day?  Please?

Oak leaf hydrangeas are good performers here in our Tennessee garden.  I like watching the new foliage transform.  They almost appear to be little hands stretching up in prayer.

I planted some strawberries as a ground cover underneath some trees in the front yard.  Hopefully we'll get them before the critters do!  Laying out some bird netting may be on my spring agenda.

A tall garden phlox.  I believe this one is 'Franz Shubert'.  It was necessary to have something musical in my garden.

The 'Yoshino' cherries are still impressive!

And of course I'm thrilled with my organically grown lawn.  I need to run around with the spreader and some compost over some areas to improve the soil but I really can't complain with how the lawn looks right now.

What does spring look like where you are?

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