Bees in the 'Yoshino' Cherry Trees

What is my favorite tree?  That's a hard question to answer, since there are so many trees that I enjoy.  Some trees provide fruit, other trees, shade, and others flowers which makes them hard to pick a single favorite.  I have to categorize.  In the spring for the flowering trees I would have to say my favorites are the cherry trees.  I love seeing the massive canopies of blooms each year.  Our garden is home to several 'Yoshino' cherry trees which never fail to impress me!

This 'Yoshino' was the second one I planted in our yard and has grown fast and strong.  It's been planted for about 4 years.  The bees enjoy it immensely.  I was out working in the yard yesterday and every time I passed by the cherry tree I heard hundreds of individual buzzes that made it sound as if the tree had an engine.  I love the fact that I can provide the bees with something to enjoy.

I think spring has finally arrived.  The warmer weather is here for the foreseeable forecast, the trees are pumping out the blooms, and the bees are trying to catch up on time lost to cooler weather.

And you know what spring means...lots to do in the garden!

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