An Almost Spring Garden Status Report

Spring will be here very soon.  The calendar gives us a date but that seems arbitrary.  Spring is more of a feeling.  The weather is warmer and plants are actively growing again.  This coming weekend will be much warmer than it has been and should trigger a lot of action in the garden.  Today I went out and checked around the garden and in my shed to see how things were.  Here's a little of what I observed.

The hellebores are in full bloom! 

The grass is as green as ever!  Now if only the trees will begin to leaf out and fill in the woods with their typical growing season backdrop...

 Grape hyacinths are in bloom all over.  These tiny beauties are great for borders or along sidewalks.

Down by the shed the weeping willow is beginning to leaf out.  I love weeping willows for their graceful canopies.  You can also make an effective rooting hormone solution using their branches.

Inside the shed my forsythia cuttings are in bloom.  It's amazing how many plants you can propagate in such a small space.  Dirt + Hardwood Forsythia Cuttings = a lot of plants!

My variegated hydrangea cuttings are also coming alive for spring.  I kept these in the shed to overwinter.  There are a few other hydrangeas coming up too.

Is spring coming alive near you?