What's Blooming in The Home Garden in February?

It's been a while since I joined in with Garden Blogger's Bloom Day so I thought I'd share you a little of what is blooming in the gardens around our home.  For our garden this year it's the usual suspects who are in flowering.  Daffodils, crocuses, and winter jasmine are coming along strong while other early spring/late winter flowers are just beginning their bloom cycle.

Let's take a look!

February Plants in Bloom:

The daffodils all over the yard are in bloom.

My hellebore flowers need to some help from the gardener - too many surrounding weeds.

Yellow and purple crocuses.

Winter jasmine is always fun to have blooming when few other plants are.  Our jasmine has been blooming for about a month.

Hyacinths are beginning their bloom cycle. Soon their fragrance will be all over the garden!

Not the most perfect of pansies but it is blooming!

Inside the house we have a bloom from our African violets. 

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