A Garden Preparation Plan for Spring

Spring will be here before you now it.  Which means all that fun garden time for us gardeners.  In order to maximize the productivity of your garden and minimize the maintenance required we need a plan.  We need a spring preparation garden plan.  We need a plan of attack to get all those chores done, all those projects mapped out, and all those plants growing right.  Gardening doesn't start on March 20th...it starts now!  Or maybe even yesterday!  A good plan will do two things for you: get your season off to a great start and give you that gardening fix to get you excited about the season!
spring time garden flowers

Where should you start with your plan?  First keep in mind there are tasks that can be completed periodically over the course of the next several weeks and there are those that have to be done at a certain time. The time sensitive events are mostly seed starting dates if you are a seed starting gardener.  This week I'll put together two lists that reflect both of these types of tasks that need to be in your plan.  Below you will find the Spring Preparation Garden Plan and later in the week I'll share a list for seed starting dates.

The Garden Preparation Plan for Spring

There are three main jobs that need done each and every year.  Cleaning up the garden, amending the garden, and planting the garden.  The planting is the most fun part but can be a wasted effort if the other two tasks aren't take care of first!

Clean Up The Garden

On warmer weather days get out to the garden and clean it up. Remove dead stems, branches, and plants and toss the non diseased debris in the compost bin.  While cleaning up the garden take note of anything that has changed over the winter.

Amend the Garden Soil

Use compost!



tulips in spring

Plant the Garden

Planting is the third aspect of this plan.
Raised bed from retaining wall blocks

As you can see there is a lot to do to prepare the garden for spring. Don't get overwhelmed!  Do these tasks bit by bit, a couple each week before spring and your garden will come together nicely!  

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