Pennsylvania Fall Color from Nancy Ondra

I'm always excited to see Nancy Ondra's garden through her blog Hayefield and now the fall color in her Pennsylvania Garden is ready for our annual tour!  Nan has been participating in the Fall Color Project for several years now and we've all been able to enjoy the fantastic varieties of plants, shrubs, and trees she has in her garden.  There are many plants that I first discovered on her blog that I've since added to my own. When you visit her garden pay attention to how she has used the ornamental grasses, the perennials, and the shrubs to make a garden where the plants complement each other. Perhaps my favorite picture from her post is the one with the three flower maple tree, amsonia, and aromatic aster and showing off through the split rail fence!  Stop over and visit Nancy Ondra's Garden at Hayefield - you'll be glad you did!

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