The Summer Garden is Coming to a Close

I sadly saw yesterday a weather report that mentioned the "F" word - FROST.  It's coming very soon, most likely Sunday and/or Monday nights.  While there are some good feelings about this - like a rest period for the gardener - it's also a time I dread.  Those fresh tomatoes from the garden will soon be a thing of the past.  We've frozen some sauce to enjoy over the winter in soups or pasta but it's not as great as walking out under the summer sun and picking that ripe juicy tomato for my turkey sandwich. I'll probably cover our tomatoes for the next couple weeks to try and resist the cold a just little longer but the summer garden is quickly coming to a close.  I use old sheets to cover them since they don't transfer the cold through them like plastic does.

The fall garden is partially planted with lettuce, spinach, Brussels spouts, kale, and chard.  I'll plant the other half of the bed next week and other beds as I clear away more of the summer garden.

This year has gone by extremely fast.  I've been busy working at Farmer's Market, starting my own small gardening business (it sure isn't easy!), trying to help a children's garden get started, and of course all of our gardening activities around our house. A time of rest this winter will be welcome.  But the gardening off-season isn't just a time for garden addicts to relax and recover - true gardening addicts plan!

Gardeners plan for the seeds they buy, they plants they want to grow, what new garden beds they want to make, and all kinds of other things.  Gardening addicts also prepare what they can for the growing season.  It's time for me to build a few more raised beds to replace the old ones. I also have a greenhouse I need to set up very soon.  It's a small one but with some creativity will help me next year as I prepare plants for customers.  It's just another step in becoming a real nursery one day.

This winter I'm also hoping to put together a few small e-books.  I hear it's the thing to do now and that more people read them than the physical paper books.  I'm not sure - I've still never read an e-book!  If you have a topic you want me to cover in e-book format let me know and I'll see what I can do. I'm considering putting together a raised bed garden layout book and one on plant propagation but there are so many possible topics that could be covered.

The Fall Color Project is still underway but so far no one has posted for it yet.  It won't be long before the colors peak so stay tuned for some great fall color!

Also don't forget about the contest for Lowe's Creative Ideas.  You have a chance to win a $50 gift card to Lowe's just for commenting on my mum project posts.  The second post will be up as soon as the mums are fully into bloom and I can take a photo!

I hope you can forgive the randomness in today's post.  I've been cooped up due to rain the last couple days and am ready for some sunshiny fall days!

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