Mums and a Mailbox Garden Meet a Wheelbarrow

Is there a flower more typical of fall than mums?  Probably not!  There are definitely some flowers worthy of autumnal appreciation but the mum is the most common one you'll find this time of year.  I put together a little project for Lowe's Creative Ideas that uses mums and reuses my dad's old wheelbarrow.  The project was easy and I'm very pleased with how it's turned out.

The wheelbarrow already had some drainage holes in it courtesy of some natural iron oxide action around the bolt holes. I filled the wheelbarrow with compost and some soil conditioner then I added several similarly tinted shades of mums together inside.  This time of year I'm very partial to the fiery fall colors.  The reds, reddish-browns, oranges, and yellows just scream fall to me.  So that's what I picked!

To blend the wheelbarrow with the rest of the mailbox garden I put a couple mums in the ground near the wheelbarrow along with a few small purple colors asters right next to the mailbox.  All these plants will do fine planted in the ground and come back next year.  In a few weeks I'll transplant the mums in the wheelbarrow into other areas of the garden and replace them with some nice winter tolerant plants.  Perhaps violas and pansies with a side order of ornamental kale or cabbage.  The wheelbarrow has a bit of height to it that I think will discourage the bunnies from making a meal of my mailbox garden!

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