Autumn Scenes from Cheekwood Botanical Gardens

Yesterday I traveled up to the Cheekwood Botanical Gardens to listen to Tina from In the Garden. She was doing a talk on Winter Gardening and all that it entails so we thought it would be a great opportunity for us to visit with her and check out the gardens while we were there. We also visited with Gail from Clay and Limestone at the meeting too. It's always fun to visit with other garden bloggers!

Cheekwood Botanical Garden has to be counted as one of Middle Tennessee's finest treasures. Their programs are always dynamic and interesting like the Chuhuly exhibit last year or the treehouses this year. Unfortunately the light was beginning to fade when we arrived at 5:30 PM and my pictures will be somewhat less than what they could have been with the right lighting but I think you'll be able to see some of awesome job that the Cheekwood crew does.

From where I entered the garden I saw this display.  While still pumping out the blooms some of the flowers had fallen.

Just beyond that display was this group of mums planted enmass.  They used a combination of cannas and Salvia leucantha as a backdrop.

 On the opposite side of the walkway the mums were backed by 'Black Pearl' ornamental peppers.

And further down the coleus served as the backdrop.

Down the sidewalk was this covered walkway area.  Mums lined the pathway on both sides with plantings of elephant ears accenting the shady areas. There were various scarecrows around the gardens on display.  The one to the left was Mama Lama.

At the end of this garden was this tall planter back with arborvitae and ornamental grasses...and of course - more mums!

Cheekwood had treehouses on display this year which have since be moved except for this one.  If I remember correctly it was the Walden Tree House.  I would love this in our backyard - maybe even more than my kids would!

I'll share some more pictures from Cheekwood later this week including some shots of their Japanese Garden and a couple water features!

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