Some Like it Hot...

But there's a such thing as too hot! This weekend has been miserably hot. The temperatures have raced each morning to break above 100 degrees Fahrenheit. Three days now in a row of triple digit temperatures are doing their best to put an early end to the garden. To make things worse the last rain we had was about a month ago. To put it simply - the garden is on life support. Watering is about the only thing that can get done and that must be done in the early morning or evening just to keep stuff alive. If you're in Tennessee you know exactly what I'm talking about.

I do hope to share with you some positive things going on in the garden.  The vegetable garden will be producing tomatoes and melons soon.  Of course this is all with the aid of a soaker hose irrigation system.  My plant propagation experiments are still ongoing as always!  My latest propagation success was several Baptisia australis cuttings.  I'll show you the results this week.  My next Lowe's project will be coming up this month and I'm still tossing around ideas for a way to solve a problem area in my garden...I'll have to do some narrowing down on that topic!

Honestly I wish I could solve one big humongous problem... the weather!  Alas that is beyond my power to do! 

So for now I'll just hope for the weather to change, to bring us cool breezes and rain for the flowers and vegetables to grow.  I hope the weather is more cooperative in your garden this July!

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