What Would You Plant Here?

Hello home gardeners, I need your suggestions!  You see a couple years ago my dad helped me build the  Blue Garden Shed.  One of the things I was eager to install was a green roof but I determined that I didn't have the knowledge or the money at the time to do it correctly. As s substitute one of the things I incorporated into the shed was a front door overhang.  I made the overhang so that it could be a planter box in effect it could have been a small version of a green roof.  The problem is - I never planted anything in it!  To this day the front door overhang planter box sits without a single plant growing in it.

What I need help with are a few suggestions to what would look good in the planter box.  But that's not all, it has to be sustainable.  The plants have to be able to take long periods of dryness (and survive periods of inattention). That might be an emphasis on natives. What would look good?  Probably lots of things but they have to be able to thrive on neglect.

So tell me, what plants would you plant on a front door overhang planter box on a blue shed?  I'm sure you don't get asked that question everyday!

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