My Newest Project - A Nursery!

For years now I've had the dream of owning and operating my own nursery.  I've always loved starting plants from seed and propagating them (as you know) but until now I wasn't able to figure out a way to cross over into the business side of plant growing. This weekend I wanted to pass on to you my new project called The Home Garden Box.  

Tomato Lover's Garden Box
At its most basic level The Home Garden Box is a collection of heirloom plants that create a themed garden.  Right now we're mostly only putting together vegetable and herb gardens but I hope to have special offerings as the year progresses. But it's more than just a collection of plants, I've committed to growing these plants without synthetic chemical herbicides or pesticides and I'm only planting from non-GMO sources. I want to help new gardeners and backyard homeowners to start gardens for their families that are safe and healthy.

Fine Summer Vine Garden Box
We have 6 themed gardens all with heirloom plants already planned out.  In addition to the plants customers will also receive garden preparation information as well as a planting guide for the garden. Anyone can go to the local home improvement stores and pick up a bunch of regular plants but they don't often get good advice on how to grow them! My favorite garden so far is the Tomato Lover's Garden, because I love tomatoes, but there are several other gardens in multiple sizes that help to fill out the backyard garden. 

We're starting off as a small nursery and are only delivering in and around Spring Hill, Tennessee but are happy to make arrangements for people to pick up their garden boxes. I hope you'll head over to the Facebook page for The Home Garden Box and like us! Then take a look around at the themed vegetable and herb gardens we're assembling.

If you're nearby and we can help you start your garden this year please give us a try! 

The Home Garden Box

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