What New Vegetable Seeds Am I Planting for 2012?

It's bound to be an exciting year for the vegetable garden!  In fact every year I get excited by the potential new varieties of seeds to try.  The catalogs are full of amazing, mouthwatering, and delicious pictures and descriptions. (Don't worry I'm not eating the catalog - although I'll bet you thought about it too!) Whittling down the choices to a reasonable amount of seed for my garden and my budget is a challenge.  I always like to add a few new plants to the vegetable garden.  When I say new, I really mean new to me.  I prefer to garden with heirlooms for their seed saving capabilities and what I believe is a tendency toward superior taste.  Today's hybrids tend to be bred for better travel or disease resistance and there isn't as much focus on flavor. 

So here are a few of the new choices I'm adding to my vegetable garden this year:

New Vegetable Varieties in My Garden for 2012
  • Brussel's Sprouts: 'Long Island Improved' - We've become fascinated with Brussel's sprouts lately.  Brussel's sprouts are extremely healthy vegetable and very tasty when roasted in grape seed oil with salt and pepper!
  • Purple Tomatillo - I'm looking forward to making some salsa verde this year!
  • Radicchio 'Rossa di Verona Dragon' - At my wife's request we'll be adding this radicchio to our salad mix!
  • Eggplant: 'Rosita' and 'Rosa Bianca' - Anyone up for some eggplant parmigiana?  Eggplants are delicious but tricky to grow.  I've tried several times and haven't gotten any to survive very well.  Usually they get eaten by some garden invader.  Last year's eggplant survived but never produced.
  • Pepper: Quadratto D'asti Rosso: A sweet red pepper.
  • Tomato: T.C. Jones - A yellow beefsteak variety that sounded interesting!

There's a few of the new for 2012.  There are several more on order that I'll probably mention in future posts as they grow, as I plant them, or as I find something interesting to share!  All these plants can be found at Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds.   

What new vegetables are you trying this year?

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