I've Got Sunshine On a Cloudy Day

Rather than continue with lyrics that will end up stuck in your head for the rest of the day, let me tell you why I say "I've got sunshine on a cloudy day."  The weather has turned back toward winter which brings with it clouds and cold, but the unseasonable warmth of the last month has led to earlier show of spring flowers.  Most of which right now are golden yellow.  Our sunshine is not in the sky on these cloudy days but in the garden in the form of daffodils and winter jasmine.

Here's a look around the garden at my "sunshine"!

The winter jasmine brings a bright gold to the front porch area. Currently the jasmine is in a vining form but most prefer to be more of a shrub.  I like it how it is so I'm not sharing that bit of information with it.

These daffodils are brightening up the area underneath a...Bradford pear tree.  Yep I still have two of them. I'm just waiting for the day when a storm will take them away!

And a closer look at the daffodils under the pear tree. Deciduous trees are great places for early spring bulbs.  Daffodils and other bulbs brighten the landscape then fade away as the trees foliage emerges for the year. 

Beyond the blue solar globe is my Japanese maple garden (the link is to a very old post about this garden area, it's changed a lot since then!) just off of our patio.  The daffodils are the first round of color which will soon be followed by hyacinths, reblooming irises, Japanese maple foliage, and herbs.

More sunshine from the Japanese maple garden.

But not all is well in daffodil land.  These daffodils were in a great spot a couple years ago when I planted them between the dwarf boxwoods.  They need moved now that the boxwoods have grown and filled out. These boxwoods will be trimmed up into a mini-hedge off of our back deck but there is no more room for the daffodils. It's a good time to transplant daffodils since you can easily find them while they are blooming.  If you would rather wait to transplant daffodils but some sort of a marker like a little flag or a stone because daffodils will bloom then fade away before you know it and you may lose the opportunity.  But really we have several weeks to transplant them.

Is there any sunshine today in your garden?

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