Two Signs of Spring

Are you looking for something, anything to keep you going until spring time?  Are you frantically searching the garden for signs of life?  Here are two early signs to look for that will tell you spring is just around the corner!

The daffodils are rising!  The foliage of daffodils always comes up early but these are especially early.  This photo was taken on December 31st, 2011.  Our winter has been much warmer than usual which is a possible reason why the daffodil foliage is coming up so early.  I'm hoping that we don't end up with a year similar to 2007 where warm weather came early followed by a dangerous cold snap.  2007 damaged and killed many sensitive plants and trees including Japanese maples and crape myrtles.  Two of my favorites!

Another early sign of spring is the bud of my Lenten rose (Hellebore orientalis).  It's a sure sign of spring coming!  Last year this Lenten rose bloomed in late February. I'll be sure to share when it decides to bloom for 2012!

Are you seeing any signs of spring yet?

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