2012 Garden Project List!

Every year I put out a list of my intended gardening projects that I personally want to accomplish this year.  Then back at the end of the year I review them to see how I've done.  This year is a little tricky.  I have quite a few projects leftover from last year that I still want to accomplish in my garden but I also want to add a few new things.  So to create this list for 2012 I'm going to limit myself to just a few more big ideas and allow for some monthly project lists in the future with smaller, more manageable garden projects!

Here is my Garden Project List for 2012!

There's my agenda for 2012.  This list plus the list from 2011 are fair game.  What will I get done?  When will I get it done?  Well, only the future holds those answers.  That's why you should subscribe to GrowingTheHomeGarden.com and follow along. How else will you know what I'm doing? ;)

I hope that 2012 brings you only the best!

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