A Tree for Dad

Yesterday would have been my father's 68th birthday.  He was a Halloween baby born back in 1943 but since July 6th, 2011 we've been without my dad.  I think about him in some way everyday and I definitely don't need anything to remind me of how much he helped me through life, but to honor my dad in a small way on his birthday I planted a tree.  It's a small tree, just a little a Japanese maple tree, but it has the potential to be a beautiful tree one day.  In fact it's one of many Japanese maples that grew from seed a while back from dad's own tree.  He didn't plant that tree, it was there when he and mom bought the house, but it's been a beautiful tree and he always liked it.  It just seemed to be an appropriate planting as a memorial tree for dad.

I planted the tree for dad in the front garden not too far from the arbor.  I'm expecting the Bradford pear tree in the picture below to not last much longer (either to be removed by me or Mother Nature).   The little sapling is hard to see in the picture but as it grows it will look much more impressive. Its parent plant has a beautiful 12 foot spread now.

How to Select a Memorial Tree

Dad loved trees.  Maples especially because of the shade, but also oaks and nearly any type of tree that he could add.  His favorite tree would probably be the sweet gum.  Despite its messy seed balls it reminded him of where he grew up.  Even if you don't like the seeds you have to admit that sweet gum trees offer some awesome fall color. I'll be posting about dad's trees in my next post, they are looking spectacular right now in their autumn colors. When I was thinking of planting a tree for dad I thought about all the trees he liked, the spot I wanted to plant it in, and the significance of the tree.  Knowing that dad loved trees I knew I really couldn't go wrong with that factor!  The spot needed to be good for the tree and somewhere it would be seen.  The front garden near the arbor seemed just right with morning sun and shade during the hottest portion of the day.  Since the tree itself came from dad's tree it's significance is obvious.  Having the personal connection to the tree makes the memorial tree more special.

Hopefully the tree will live a long and healthy life and will appropriately honor dad's memory.  Perhaps I will start a tradition and plant a tree each year on his birthday.


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