Time for a New Look

You may have noticed a few changes here at The Home Garden lately. The changes are not completely set into how I want them to be yet but they are well on their way!  You may be wondering why did I change things?  To start off there were some major issues going on with something in the html code.  I'm not 100% sure what the problem was.  On some computers with certain on access virus scanner programs the blog said there was some sort of a virus.  I have no clue how it got there, or even if it was really a virus and not just a script the virus scanner picked up as a virus. In either case the issue is 100% gone.  But there was another issue, Internet Explorer was completely freezing up when users were visiting.  It never happened on other browsers like Firefox or Chrome but because I use Firefox I had no clue it was even happening until Eileen emailed me.  That issue is gone now too.

How did I eliminate those issues?  I took drastic measures and dropped the template I was using in favor of one of the newer Blogger templates. I had to do a significant amount of CSS editing which was almost completely new to me in order to get the formatting as it is now.  I'm not completely satisfied yet but over time I can make gradual improvements.

I also thought it was time for a new banner.  I put it together last Friday night. I have a few tweaks that I'll be making soon but I'm happy with the new logo and I hope you like it too!  You'll notice that the logo now says Growing The Home Garden.  A couple years ago when I was first exploring URLs for the blog the url TheHomeGarden.com was taken.  In fact someone bought it at an auction just a couple weeks before I started looking.  I had to go looking for other ideas because I wasn't going to buy a URL for a high price, I'm too cheap for that! After some brainstorming I finally came up with the url: www.GrowingTheHomeGarden.com.  Since then the name has grown on me and I think it fits the blog very well.  This blog is about the process of "growing" a home garden from the plants, the vegetables, to the design, and to the kids playing in the garden. It's time for the name of the blog and the url finally sync up!

I hope you enjoy the new changes and please, if you ever have any issues viewing the blog email me, Facebook message me, or send me a Tweet!  I can't fix something I don't know is wrong!  Thank you so much for hanging out here, commenting, and sharing the Growing The Home Garden with your friends and family!

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